How do you experience a blog or website?

The Hipper Element – UX Crash Course:  31 Fundamentalsauthored by Joel Marsh, is a blog I’ve been reading over the past months. His Daily UX Crash Course posts are insightful, educational and inspiring.  I’m learning a good deal about the user experience and viewer behavior.


I recommend visiting The Hipper Element to anyone starting out in site/blog creation or involved in the inbound world. Check out info about Joel here.  Today, I’m reviewing Daily Crash Course 17:  Z-Pattern, F-Pattern and Visual Hierarchy.  More thought on creating the “F-Pattern”!

tumblr_inline_mzjg1t0XLI1rwelrr_Middle F Pattern

To quote Joel, “Using a website or an app may feel like a different experience every time, but in fact, the way people look at any design is fairly predictable…”

But when you break down how people actually “read” things in the digital world, let’s face it, people “scan”.  When you’re living in a content marketing inbound world, you want your content to make an impact, to cause an action.  How you set up that content is super important.    I know I’ve benefitted from Joel’s lessons.  Perhaps you’ll find value, as well.

What experiences do you encounter when viewing blogs and websites?  Do you have a particular turn-on or turn-off you encounter frequently?  Drop me a comment or follow my blog (on right) or follow me on Twitter.  Thanks for visiting.


Beef Stir Fry with Veggies and Tangerine Sauce

Ever end up with a dish you’re not sure what to do with? This was one of those. Started off in a bowl, but ended up on a plate due to noodleage.

Flank steak strips with soy sauce and a little brown sugar for the marinade
Green beans
Red pepper
Orange pepper
Red pepper flakes
Jalapeño I had leftover
Juice of 3 tangerines
Lots of garlic (whatever your taste)
Lots of ginger (I love ginger)


Sauce was soy sauce, tangerine juice, pinch of brown sugar, corn starch

Essentially blackened the beef (then removed and cleaned up pan), then did the veggies in about 4 minutes, added a little water (steam and deglaze) then added garlic and ginger.

Added the sauce and let it thicken up, added beef back in. It was that simple and about 12 minutes of cooking time.

The wildcard was a bag of rice noodles I had. They took 2 minutes max to cook. I thought I created a great noodle bowl, but it proved to be impossible to eat, hence the plate.

What’s your favorite stir fry combination? I’m going to do more dinners like this. A little prep heavy, but tasty.

rick williams, braised short ribs and spaetzel

Braised short ribs and spaetzle – warmth in the kitchen

I admit it.  I’m not really a fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I’m not a fan of turkey. Another meal of a 20 pound bird when I cook enough chicken over the course of the calendar feels like a bit much.  Plus, the way I cook these days, it’s just SO MUCH FOOD.  I promise, I’m not being a holiday buzz kill!

So, I give you  a look into a slow cooked braised short rib gig.  I adapted my dish from a recipe from Anne Burrell of the Food Network, so thanks for the inspiration Anne.  I love that my dinner came from these ingredients.  Looks like a pretty simple task, no?

This meal came from these ingredients
This meal came from these ingredients

Music of the day, since I had no one in the house:  Fugazi’s “First Demo”.  I love energy in the kitchen, and when I’m by myself, loud-fast rules.  

Fugazi "First Demo" album cover
Fugazi “First Demo” album cover

Easy for the short ribs:  Salt/pepper on each side and into a pan to brown up (3 minutes or so, get it nice and brown).  Take the ribs out , drain off the fat and put the ribs in the slow cooker.  I used 2 cups of beef stock to cover the meat.

Next up was the vegetable mix – carrots, onions, shallots, garlic, celery.  Make a “mush” in the food processor and then saute away until they brown up.  This would be a great time to add your wine and deglaze.  I used 2 cups of Cabernet and Pinot Noir.  I love the sound and smells caused by the wine going into the hot pan.  Scrape all the good sticky bits up!

Wine and vegetable sauce
Wine and vegetable sauce

I cooked the veggie mash down for probably 15 minutes (try to reduce liquid by half).  After that, the sauce went into the slow cooker, as well.

I even made a first time spätzle (herbed, and pretty good).  Chives and thyme, flour, egg, milk.

IMG_1479 (1)
Easy dough – egg, milk, flour, herbs


Made the dough and pushed it through a slotted spoon with a spatula.  Dropped into boiling water and cooked for 90 seconds.  Then into the ice bath.  Saved those for later to serve as the “bed” for the short ribs.

90 seconds in boiling water, then into an ice bath

I bundled some thyme and tarragon together, threw in 2 small bay leaves on top of the “stew” in the slow cooker now containing the short ribs and veggies, and set it on “high” for 4 hours, then turned it down to low and let it simmer.  The result was a falling off the bone short rib (but still able to handle it) and a truly wonderful rich, dark sauce that smelled SO good.

The finished braised short rib with spatzel
The finished braised short rib with spatzle

Drop me a message, leave a comment or tell me what kind of music you love to have playing when you cook up a meal.  This dinner was fun, flavorful, a bit challenging at times, but ultimately very simple.  Curiosity and energy in the kitchen is what I strive for.  What about you?

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The off-season brings change

It’s been a over a year since my last true round of golf. 3 knee surgeries.

New discoveries and journeys. This winter will bring a big one concerning this blog and my website. I’m quite excited for the possibilities.


Stay tuned, keep checking in. Drop me a message. Tell me what resonates with you. Be well, and stay curious to the possibilities. I’ll continue to enjoy the quiet when I can.


A different perspective from Sky Linx Aerial

Aerial drone captures hole in one! Courtesy of Sky Linx Guys aerial drone photograpy, nice timing!

An aerial drone actually filmed a hole in one!  Have you ever witnessed a hole in one playing golf?  I’ve only seen 3 happen (2 of my own!), but I’ve never seen one from the air before.  The Sky Linx Guys from Sky Linx Aerial actually captured an ace Indian Valley CC in Telford, PA a few weeks back on #4 (148 yard par 3) by PGA Professional Rick Pohle!

HD video from Sky Linx Aerial YouTube is here

A different perspective from Sky Linx Aerial
A different perspective from Sky Linx Aerial

I’ve been a PGA Professional since 1997 and when I was a club pro, I was always in search of a unique way of attracting players to my course, or showcasing my facility.  Drone technology is breaking big now in the golf industry, and Sky Linx Aerial managed to snag footage of a special shot in a way that I don’t think has ever been done before.

Drones in golf provide beautiful HD video from the air to conduct course tours, outdoor functions, hole by hole strategy or even maintenance inspections.  So many uses, but how do you get a drone?  How do you learn to fly one?  I don’t know, but it looks like the Sky Linx Guys have a good sense of how to capture a moment.

“I am Quitting Golf”

Rick Williams PGA:

Insight from Jim here that is so true. It’s a topic I’ll surely visit once I start playing again….next year!

Originally posted on The Grateful Golfer:

That is it, I have had enough! I am quitting golf!

How many times have you heard someone walking exasperated off the course, only to mutter those terrible words. They weave a tail of the course being too difficult, they have an injury or that their clubs are not suited for their game. I think that over 35+ years, I have heard almost every reason why someone is quitting golf. And not to my surprise, I see most of them on the links a couple of days later!

Proclaiming that it is time to quit golf is something I have never even considered. I have taken sometime off because of life, but to quit…..never! I guess I have been blessed with the desire to continue playing no matter how frustrated I feel when my game does not meet my expectations!

Having been around golf for so long, I believe that…

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