Father’s Day Dinner 

I went with my gut on this one, drawing from my Polish-Welsh American culinary roots and created…..grilled chicken gyros. 

I’m fascinated by the real thing, and just was jonesing for tzatziki. Had no mint, so used basil, heaped in cucumber and tomatoes and whipped that up. Basically, a refrigerator cleaning. A very yummy one at that. 

It is a Matter of Choice

Rick Williams PGA:

Jim over at The Grateful Golfer throws down some simple truth today.

Originally posted on The Grateful Golfer:

Choose to be Happy

I believe that being grateful and happy is a choice. For years I have changed the way I thought to help shape the life I want to live. Has it been easy, no, but definitely rewarding. Some days the light I see at the end of the tunnel feels like a train, but as I continue to shape my thoughts, my world changes shape as well! Every day is a better day.

Change your thoughts, change your world – Norman Vincent Peale

I also believe this mindset is transferable to golf. Golfing is a game of immense concentration for short periods of time. The rest of the time I spend enjoying my surroundings by soaking in its beauty, enjoying the company of my playing partners, or just being in the moment. All this has help me be a better golfer. I feel more relaxed, in control and just plain happy.

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Blackened Ahi Tuna – So Simple

Simple pleasure, simple meal.  

Blackened tuna in my cast iron skillet on a bed of greens with a mustard vinegarette. 

Blackening seasoning was just a pinch of brown sugar, cumin, coarse sea salt, cayenne, oregano, red chili powder, ground black pepper and fresh cilantro. I had a little olive oil and lime juice on the tuna with diced ginger and garlic. 


Bag on tee cover shot

My Journey to Better Golf in 2015

Two rounds in the books for 2015 and I couldn’t be more pleased with how golf is progressing for me on a personal level.  I’ve played with an inner peace I haven’t felt in quite some time.  Call it “being in the zone” or “feeling the flow”.  I’m just grateful to be playing, and I think that makes a huge difference! Two rounds recorded, +6 over par combined, helped by a solid round of 71 (+1) last Saturday  Stats are below.  Grateful Golfer, I’d love your thoughts!


Playing without expectations, focusing on the present shot and picking out a really specific target has worked well.  Having great songs in my head while walking and enjoying the peacefulness of a golf course is a feeling I love.  I know it’s different for every player.  Me? I can spend four hours in contemplation while “clicking in” to each shot for 10-15 seconds of intense focus.  I love that. So, what have the results been so far on my journey?

  • 15/28 fairways hit for 54%.  Not bad, and the “misses” have been just a few yards wide, typically a touch left (I’m a right-handed golfer).  A few miscues, specifically the tee shot I hit in a lake to the left during round 1.  Forgot the lake was there off a blind tee shot.  Oops.
  • 20/36 greens in regulation (GIR) for 56%.  Again, not horrific, considering I’m still trying to figure out my consistent carry distances.  I’ve found I actually feel like I’m hitting my irons FARTHER now than I was pre-knee surgeries.  I guess the workouts are paying off?  I air-mailed one green last week with a 9 iron from 144….by about 15 yards.  Did not get it up and down. Oops, again.
  • Putts per round – and this is the big one – 30.5. Putting has always been a struggle for me, more often confidence than anything else.  I have several putters (well, six…) but I’ve stayed with the same Scotty Cameron Newport 2 for both rounds.  I have the SuperStroke grip on it (yes, the really thick one).  Keeps my hands quiet and lets me rock the stroke more.
  • What’s the difference in the putting? Fellow PGA Professional Preston Combs invited me to his AimPoint clinic a month ago, and it changed the way I view putting and how to truly focus on my “aim point” and trust my feet.  I still can’t explain it, but I seem to make a number of putts! I’m super-confident, be it from 4 feet or 35 feet.  Made 5 birdies on Saturday!

Two finger readWhat’s challenging me?  The short game, silly!  I haven’t practiced anything except for my putting. Just imagine what can happen if I pay a little attention to chipping and pitching!

Overall, very pleased and just riding good vibes.  I’m a grateful golfer too, Jim :)


On Day 435, golf happened

I played my first round of golf last week since March of 2014. I put my peg in the ground at 6:48am at Turtle Creek Golf Course in Limerick, PA. Three knee surgeries in the rearview mirror, a good number of workouts, feeling stronger….and NO PAIN. 

That was the coolest thing. I also went birdie-eagle on #13 and #14, so that was exciting. 

A good first go with a score of 77 and limited mental errors. Stayed present and engaged for the most part, too. 

I got paired with two guys who were quite nice, and that’s half the battle of “singles” golf. Growing up a “public golf” kid, I indrrstand I’m at the mercy of the starter. Best thing to do is be nice and polite and hope you get hooked up with cool people!

More to come in the journey back to good golf. Where are you playing this week?