Friends and golf:

Golf binds us in a very cool way
Think it was just a touch windy?

The header photo is from a 2005 trip to Scotland. Mike, Mike and Chris are long-time friends and we had talked about going on this journey to the beginning of the game for a long time. And we finally pulled it together. Ok, not entirely true…Mike H pulled most of it together. We just added nuance and silliness.

Golf is just different and I can’t fully explain why. But, in my opinion, brings people together in a way no other activity does. And my week in Scotland pulled Mike, Mike and Chris into a new level of kinship. Of shared experience, of the wonder of the Home of Golf and the craziness of driving around a new country in a mini-van full of golf clubs.

Neat stuff in any case. Was just thinking about that this morning. May be time to head back at some point…


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