Hmmmm….is anyone else thinking this?

I’m noticing an escalation of nerves, frustration, anger and division on Facebook everyday. People on the right, people on the left, throw in a Centrist or two for “balance” and put a few extremists from each side in for good measure.

I know these people. If not personally, at least their Facebook persona. And wow, I’m learning a good deal about who I’m “friends” with.

Who has read “The Sandwich Swap” to their kids? Am I the only one who thinks it would be a great book for everyone to read out loud, just once? And really think of what this political division and anger, without actual “intelligent” debate and empathy for each sides’ positions and feelings on a subject, does to us as a whole.

Perhaps I’m a totally clueless idealist and very naive to the ways of politics. Or maybe I’m just tired of pointless arguments without facts or perspective. Maybe….I just want the election to be over.



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