Positive vs. Negative self talk on course

Ok, I admit it. I swear on the golf course. I have my favorite phrases. But, I don’t yell and bring drama down on the particular hole I am playing. I do believe THAT type of player just looks and sounds like an idiot.

No, my verbal missiles are quiet, quick outbursts, followed by a calming breath. And as I breath, I also laugh a little, because seriously….it’s just golf. But I think for me that’s the essence of what I love about it. The crazy complicated act of swinging a club 100 mph to advance the ball several hundred yards….and do it fairly well….I can’t explain it, you know?

So, self-talk: I do try to stay “positive” throughout a round. I walk through my routine, I keep a conversation going with myself, or sing, then focus. And when I jump out of the present and make a careless mental error, well…I let myself have it. It’s almost cleansing.

Is it good to actually yell at yourself? Totally rhetorical, but I’d love to hear what you have to say. I hope this makes some sort of sense. I played twice this weekend, two very different rounds, and one had much less swearing than the other. Go figure.

I love this game.


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