Old swing…..new swing?

It’s been a few months of practice session swing tweaks (as opposed to changes). I write “tweaks” because I’m realizing that a wholesale “change” isn’t the answer. Working with what I have is….and seriously, I just don’t have the time to completely reboot.

I also realize that the swing I have isn’t horrible and there are good elements to work with. The challenges are my neck (two surgeries in the past 12 years) and the most ridiculously stiff hips and hamstrings….and just old habits from playing for 34 years. I’m still, for the most part, self taught. Amelia and Jeff are the two professionals who have had the most impact coaching-wise, but it’s been a while (you both rock). Truly committing to the fitness and nutrition side of the equation I’m sure would pay quick (and very healthy) dividends. Have gotten away from golf specific workouts and need to get back to it.

What have the tweaks been?

– Grip changes: I go back and forth from “strong” to “weak” to “neutral”. I’m settling on “kind of strong”. I figured this out Friday evening practicing because…

– I have widened my stance. You’ll see how narrow I am from the video below. That narrow stance causes me to…..

– Start my transition with my front (left) shoulder and get everything up top moving forward, making it really tough to swing well. If my timing is off even a little, weird shots can happen.

– Widening my stance has created a more stable base on which to swing, allowing me to use my lower body much more effectively and efficiently……

– Combined with a different angle of my left arm and shaft at address, getting more of a straight line formed…..

– And finding a comfortable, consistent hand position on the golf club……

– Putting the stance and shaft position together TOTALLY changed my ball flight for the better. More solid contact, straighter, controllable. Good things, no?

Simple things here, both fundamentals I had gone away from while I was looking “deeper” in the swing to change something. Leave it me, PGA Pro guy, to make it way too complicated.

By the way, I took those little practice session ideas from last nights range session onto the course and shot 71 (-1) this morning. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to bring a round in under par. Felt good.

Remember that grip, posture and alignment are three VERY important parts of your swing. They may not be exciting to practice, but make a huge difference in the ability to swing the club well.

This also reinforces the concept of how “cause and effect” the swing is: what and how you do something in your setup will impact something in the full swing.

If you’re playing tomorrow, go have fun.


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