Golf stats: what can they tell you?

Statistics can be manipulated to reflect positive or negative correlations depending upon which side you’re on, right? Job reports, economic conditions, caloric content of kiwi, number of putts per round, etc.

Today, I’m sticking to golf, not politics or food battles, so sit back and reflect on your own game, and what your golf statistics might be telling you!

I’ve had two weekends of some pretty decent golf, but had a few mental breakdowns, as well as some fundamentally atrocious golf swings that impacted scoring opportunities. All hail the GIR, the fairways hit and the scrambling stats. All of these tell a good story. I’ll relate mine. Maybe you’ll find similarities in your game when looking at my stats.

Finishing under par, in my case -1 (71), is satisfying and a nice accomplishment. But….there’s always room for improvement. The post mental breakdown of that round is interesting when looking at where opportunities were missed and where a few strokes were wasted.

– 78% fairways hit
– 61% greens in regulation (GIR, 11/18)
– 31 putts for the round
– 1 three putt green
– 50% scrambling ratio

So how do interpret these figures? Well, overall score was still -1, so that’s kind of cool. Obviously hit a bunch of fairways, and that means I’m playing from the short grass. My misses off the tee didn’t kill me. I was also able to have shorter yardage approaches into greens.

What drives me towards improvement and admitting a big weakness in my game is……yup, shorter shots. Namely, chipping and pitching. I missed seven greens in regulation. Of those seven, I had either 8I, 9I or a PW in my hands. That just can’t happen. I’ve hit way too many 150 yards and closer shots in practice to miss those. Missing the green now leaves me a chip or pitch within the 10 yard area of the green. I only got the ball up and down four times out of seven. That’s a big difference from a 71 to a 68. And we can all play “should-coulda” all day long… the end, my chipping blew.

On the other end of the spectrum, I shot 76 Saturday. Missed half of the fairways, had two 3-putts, put a tee shot in a lake and only made one birdie. Overall, a horrible ball striking day, poor course management, lack of focus and truly let my mind get the best of me. Better forgotten than ruminated upon. But wow, the tale of two rounds, huh?

Who enjoys short game practice sessions? I really do, but I have to MAKE the time to dedicate to that. I NEED to dedicate more time to “feel” shots and getting more confident in knowing that if I need to hit a cut 8I 148 yards into a breeze, I can do that. And not “think” about it.

Here are some stats from the PGA Tour:

GIR: 63.48%
GIR from 125-150 yards: 73%
Driving accuracy: 60.38%
Scrambling: 56.00%
Scoring avg: 71.07
8′ or less made: 55%
Sand saves: 51%

These guys ARE really, really good. And they just don’t often miss greens with PW in their hands!
PGA Tour Stats Page

Next time you play, if you don’t already, track your number of putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation and bunker saves. Knowing where your misses are and what your tendencies are can help you a lot in detailing a little more of a road map for your game. Information is powerful when you take an honest look at where your shots are coming from.

By the way, I use an app called GolfShot and like it. I think it still may be free!


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