Golf Fuel: Words of wisdom from David Ostrow at FitGolf

I have had the pleasure and good fortune over the years to meet some folks much better and smarter than me, and David Ostrow qualifies in both categories. Not only is he an entrepreneur and health/fitness guy, he’s an awesome clinician (P.T., GPS, CGFI-MP3, Certified Junior Golf Fitness Coach, CEO FitGolf Enterprises LLC). David is primarily responsible for getting me back to playing condition a dozen years ago after I had two neck surgeries. He has been kind enough to teach me about how the body works in the golf swing and has influenced my teaching philosophy….a lot.

In any case, David read my previous blog post and responded with some sound professional advice from the nutrition side of golf performance. He was also cool enough to let me repost his comments. I appreciate all of you reading. Hopefully the content is informative and at times, entertaining. While you’re at it, you should visit David’s spot:

David Ostrow, Golf Fitness Training Programs & FitGolf

“Consider what you eat and drink in a round as either a helper or a hinderance to your mental game, and as a result your game.

Do you get enough oil and gas over the course of the round? Water is to the body as oil is to the car…and to the brain it is critical. I have read that 2% dehydration cause a 25% decrease in mental focus….and you dont even know you are thirsty until you get to 3% dehydrated… Rule of thumb 2 20 ounce bottles of h2o per 9. And on food, if you eat before you go to the course, then at the turn, you are starving yourself and your brain, not to mention that most golfers eat the equivalent of 66 octane gas for the car….bad fuel bad result. Think protein, and complex carbs constantly…. I suggest that my competitive players eat 2 servings of protein and 2 servings of complex carbs over the round…. peanuts, protein bars with low carbs, apples, carrots, etc…eat constantly while playing. the stats are this…a round of golf in which you walk you burn nearly 2500 calories….riding is 1800. Most of us eat 1800-2000 a day….we need that to live and then another 1800-2500 to make sure our bodies are properly fueled and focused for a round of golf.”

Thanks, David!


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