Very simple baked salmon….

I’ve always been curious. My mother probably wanted to mute me as a child with all of the questions I must have asked.

And I’m curious about my food. That’s not a bad thing, wondering where my food comes from, and I suppose makes me a more informed consumer.

Or, it leads me to articles like the one below after I say to myself, “Hey, that salmon you just made was really good. What are the health benefits of eating salmon, anyway?”

By the way, I made my salmon tonight with just a little salt and pepper, red pepper flakes and fresh rosemary. Baked for 20 minutes on 400 degrees. Paired with a salad.

Yep, I’m bored tonight. And this is what I find: David Dobbs: The Wild Salmon Debate

And here are the health benefits of eating salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids that reduce the risk of heart attack and may even have positive benefits psychological health! I think I’ll still eat the Atlantic salmon, even after reading about it. I hope the industry finds better ways of farming this fish, though.



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