This is what I snack on during a round of golf

Walking while playing golf versus riding in a cart is a different experience. I’ve been doing my best to walk more, and have been playing with other golfers who enjoy walking. I tend to take in more, let my mind be a bit more free and enjoy it for what it truly is, a peaceful way to enjoy a passion for a few hours.

I also tend to get hungry when I play. Since I’m diabetic and wear an insulin pump, I tend to have a LOT of food in my golf bag. Walking about 7 miles with a 15-20 pound golf bag on my back will burn lots of calories, so I snack through the round to keep my energy up and keep my blood sugar stable (yes, I test my blood sugar during play). This is what I like:

-Garlic sesame sticks (guilty pleasure)
-Dried cranberries

My understanding is that this mix provides a good balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. I also think it’s a tasty mix and easy to munch on.

What do you like to snack on during play?



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