Hey! I made sushi. Seriously.

Yup, I made my first ever sushi roll at home in my kitchen. I had never given it a thought actually, thinking “well, I’m no sushi expert and my knife skills blow”. What I found out it that it is not difficult to make a sushi roll….it’s hard to make the rice right.

I want to give a huge shout out to the Modern Home Kitchen blog for providing the inspiration and the recipe template for sushi at home. I went off the reservation just a touch. I also made a roll the size of a burrito….I’ll have to work on that.

My roll was this:
– Avacado
– Cucumbers
– Tuna
– Salmon
– A little touch of Sriracha sauce

And you know what? This sushi was really, really good. And I’ll do it again with different ingredients and see what I can make up. Experimenting in the kitchen is pretty fun.
Go check out the Modern Home Kitchen blog!



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