The last GHIN weekend

…and no, this did not involve any drinking. But the posting of scores for handicap purposes comes to an end for 2012.

I had a fairly successful year, golf wise. My index dropped from 3.1 to 1.6. What this means now is that it will be VERY hard to make any money in matches over the winter….and I’m throwing up some decent scores.

I made some subtle changes to my game that I’ve sort of documented, and will do so more in depth during the winter. I’m not unhappy with my play, primarily due to my more pragmatic view of the limitations i have for time and practice. I’m grateful for any time I get to spend either at my far right station on the practice facility or enjoying the golf course on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

This weekend, I got to play both days. And for the most part, I managed my misses well, struck a few masterful shots and in between managed to make a couple horrendous swings. Such is golf. And I do enjoy it so. And it baffles me. And that’s why I come back for more.

And that’s why I played this morning as Hurricane Sandy is barreling up the East Coast (well, not barreling), in the rain, pretty chilly. Because there were a couple other guys who I enjoy playing with who were going out, as well.



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  1. jdempster71 says:

    Hello there sir. My name is John Dempster,I am a european tour caddy. i have currently set my own blog up which gives a caddy’s perspective on the game from the other side of the bag-and even offers some advice that i would hope could assist in helping to save you shots. Check it out here at- it would be great to cross promote blogs!

    1. I am following, John. And from what I’ve read so far, it is a great insight into what you do. Nicely done.

      1. jdempster71 says:

        thank you very much for your positive feedback. i am just having trouble increasing my traffic,do u have any tips on how to do this easily?

      2. Hi John,

        I’m new at this, too. I know that tagging your posts with key words can be useful. You are writing from a very unique perspective from “inside the ropes” and can write about things that the normal golfer just doesn’t have any idea about. Keep the posts coming. I’d love to read about how you, as a caddy, approach a practice round with your player. What type of preparation do you go through, etc.

        Do you have your blog linked up with your Facebook page or profile? Do you use Twitter or Tumblr or any other social media platforms? WordPress is great with the “publicize” option on your dashboard.

        Hootsuite is probably worth looking into for managing multiple platforms, too. Good luck! I look forward to reading more from you.


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