Homesteading 101: What I’ve learned in the wake of a semi-disaster

1. You can never have enough DRY firewood for your woodburner.
2. Neighbors are great, especially when they have hot coffee and a generator. And water from their well to fill buckets to lug back to the house so toilets can flush.
3. When you have your own septic system and water well pump, having no power totally leaves you screwed.
4. Having a car charger for devices is quite a nice extra to have.
5. I’m totally not prepared for a natural disaster that disrupts your normal life. It’s amazing what electricity does for you.
6. I’m grateful that my family and my house are safe. I was just waiting for a huge tree to fall through my roof on Monday night. When I saw the damage the following morning, I realized I was quite lucky to just have new landscaping.
7. For those of you who suffered damage to your homes or injuries, my thoughts are with you.
8. As I’ve said a few times this week, I’m definitely going to outfit my house with a generator.
9. I think I may also take some more trees down that could be an issue during another storm.
10. I’ll be quite happy when our power comes back on. In another 4-5 days. Until then, I’ll continue to collect buckets of water, load fire wood and try to keep the bedroom warm. And do my best to help keep the girls occupied and safe.

9:30pm reheat of breakfast on the gas grill works, too!
Be safe, be warm, be grateful. Hopefully golf is in the near future….



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