Golf training aid excitement!

I had the opportunity to attend a PGA Education Summit recently and met Jim Hackenburg and Dan Soltis from Orange Whip Golf. My lesson tee used to have lots of “toys” spread around, from foam noodles and hula hoops to the Momentus weighted club to the Power Swing Fan. I like training aids that can help make you “feel” something. It’s hard to teach “feel” and even harder to describe a feeling or a motion to a student.

Jim and the Orange Whip totally blew my mind. The simplicity is beautiful. The concept behind it, and the science, is solid. I now own one Trainer and one “Golden”. In a matter of minutes of using it I could feel different motion in my swing and more of a “stable” foundation.

I encourage you to check out the website and explore. Jim and Dan were rock stars. I’m sure I will own an Orange Peel in short order…..

Orange Whip Golf Trainer



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