Sushi at home, part 2

There are a few pretty decent sushi places in the Bucks County/Montgomeryville PA area. Creative rolls, good quality, tasty, etc.

So instead of heading out to sit in a restaurant and be treated to a culinary display of knife skills, flavor fusion and not having to do dishes, I decided to make my own sushi again at home.

Admittedly, my knife skills blow. And the knives probably need to be sharpened. But my serrated Cutco 9″ does the job. Avocado, mango, fish… can handle it. And I try really hard not to mangle the flesh of nice tuna, but my straight blades are way to dull…

I made two rolls last night with a variation on a tuna theme. One was a spicy tuna mix with mango. The other one the same, yet just a touch different.

Roll 1: Diced tuna, Sriracha sauce (just a little mayo and a dash of lemon juice), diced mango. Mix together. Spread tuna mixture down, layer with avocado and roll.

Roll 2: Two long strips of tuna, mango in middle. Cucumber and carrot matchsticks on top. I drizzled just a touch of roasted sesame oil on the veggies before rolling it up.

Both rolls were quite good and while the ingredients were similar, I was able to alter the favors enough between the two to keep it interesting.

I was also quite pleased with the result of my paying close attention to my sushi rice. Who knew good sushi rice took so much time….

All for $16. Hello, Saturday night.





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    1. Thank you! It was yummy. Good breakfast, too.

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