Practice with a purpose in mind

I remember walking the driving range line on weekend mornings at Bucks County Country Club when I was the PGA Pro there, watching players get ready to tee it up. Typically, most players had a longer iron in their hands, just wailing away, their tee time 7 minutes away. And most had just showed up anyway, so this was their warmup session.

Not ideal.

How do you warm up for a round of golf? More importantly, how do you approach a practice session?

Practicing for me is the time I give myself to step away from everything else. I find my quiet spot on my range and let my brain go to golf mode. I tend to set up a “practice station”. Alignment aids, my Orange Whip, sometimes I bring shafts to stick in the ground to create obstacles….at times I tend to get the club into interesting positions.

When I can set up visual tools or swing aids to help me feel particular things, I find the practice session is not only more productive, but also more enjoyable. My brain stays engaged. And when I’m finished I feel like I accomplished something.

In other words, I’m not just on the range banging balls with no particular purpose. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that. But for me, if I’m looking for improvement or grooving a positive swing feel not my head, practicing with a purpose is a positive thing.

If you’re playing today, enjoy the exercise. Here in PA, it’s 55 degrees and beautiful. And here is an example of my “practice station”. Nothing fancy, but effective.

Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for checking my blog out, too.



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