One way to repurpose turkey…

What to do with a LOT of leftover turkey, especially when you’re not a huge turkey fan in general? Make Turkey Tostadas!

Tomatoes and onions into the pan to reduce, mix up avocado, salsa (next time, I make my own), corn and fresh cilantro in a bowl. Once tomatoes reduce down a bit, add shredded turkey. As that warms up, put some corn tortillas on a baking sheet and brown in the oven.

Layer your avocado mix on the tortilla, then the turkey/tomatoes/onion, top with a little shredded cheese and chopped greens. Good to go, very yummy meal.

I added a little lime juice to the avocado mix. I should have spritzed the corn tortillas with a little lime juice and a dash of salt before going in the oven. Next time shall improve, no?

I realized after taking the picture of the finished tostada that you can’t really see it’s actually a tostada. I get a little over-enthusiastic in my toppings…




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