No longer a crock pot virgin

….Or how I slow cooked my way to pleasure, choose your own double entendres. I don’t often eat beef, but I’ve wanted to do something in a crock pot lately. Maybe because it’s cold out or I’ve been busy, but most likely I was looking for simple. Here’s what I did:

– Started by peeling carrots and a parsnip, cut them up along with an onion, celery and mushrooms, set them aside.

– Cut up the chuck into small cubes while I heated a little oil in a stock pot. I tossed the cubes lightly in flour and seared them in the pot (few minutes on each side)

– Transferred beef cubes out, threw the veggies in for about 10 minutes, then added them to the beef.

– Final step….deglaze the stock pot and get all the yummy bits with a half bottle of Pinot Noir (I imagine any red would do).

All of it went into he crock pot at 7:25am on the low setting. I sampled it at 4:45pm and the flavor was lovely. The beef melted in my mouth. Very hot, almost velvety in texture. Then I threw a sprig of rosemary in for good measure. Served at 6pm with fresh bread and a salad. Pretty solid dinner.

Next time I’m sure I’ll switch it up a little. Any suggestions or feedback are welcome and appreciated.





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