Please explain why the USAG/R&A “ban” is creating a frenzy!

Someone please help me understand the uproar I’m seeing on FB and Twitter about the new “ban”.  Here are my thoughts on this:

–  I know two players who use anchored putters, one a “belly” and one at the chest.  Sometimes they putt really well.  Other times, not so much.  That’s not a lot of people…any stats out there that speak to the number of players (amateurs) that are using an anchored putter?

–  I’m wondering if there is a vendetta of some sort put out on Adam Scott and Keegan Bradley and other PGA/LPGA players using them?  Since they have three years to “adapt to the rule change”, I’m not too concerned for them.

-Paul Azinger had some success with it in 2000, and here are his comments about what Paul Runyan said about his stroke:  “I was instantly better,” Azinger said. “[Legendary PGA instructor] Paul Runyan watched me putting in 2000 and said it was the best single-lever action putting stroke he’d ever seen. To this day, I don’t know what that means. But when I grabbed that thing, I became a better putter. And I was back in the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup and in the top 20 in the world”.  Ok, worked for Azinger….

–  I tried a Scotty Cameron Belly Putter (Red-X I believe) back in 2002 or ’03.  For about a month.  It felt so weird and I felt like my entire body was rotating during the stroke.  I just didn’t like it.  Plus, I putted like a chooch with it.  Not good.

–  Will the “average” player really feel the effects of the rule change?  I’m hoping that in the course of three years a player can figure out how to putt with a “normal” putter.  Just saying…

I guess I don’t really have an opinion and am wondering why this is causing such a ruckus. Nice that golf is getting so much press in late November, though.

I’m waiting for the wisdom of Christina Kim to chime in on this.  Play hard, play well.

Here is the scoop, spelled out by the USGA of what will be allowed and what will be not.  And yes, as I always manage to think, the USGA makes it sound very lawyer-ly.


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