Golfers: What are you doing inside for winter?

We had the first snowfall of the winter on Tuesday and temperatures haven’t been out of the 30’s yet this week. The practice facility at IVCC Might be open this week if we get a little melting action, but it may be time to acknowledge that the golf season is over…..for now.

What will you be doing over the next few months (for those of us in winter climates) to keep yourself, and your swing, in shape?

I try to do a few things several times per week, or daily depending upon my mood.
My Orange Whip? That’s every day, several times because its just so simple and easy. I always have one in my car. The Orange Whip keeps me rhythmic and helps my balance and flexibility.

The foam roller is an evening favorite, although at times is torturous. I use the roller to do stretches on and actually roll out muscles….this can be painful, but very effective. For example, I can lay sideways on the roller with my hip, and gently roll up and down. I’m not sure of the physiology of it, but it does seem to act as a sort of deep tissue massage and works well. David Ostrow, owner of FitGolf has had me working on the roller for years.

Another stretch I do on the roller is to lay on my back (on top of the roller) bring my arms back over my head then bring them to a 90 degree angle, then just let them hang. This assists in helping stretch out my chest. I can also try to engage my pelvis and keep my lower back flat on the roller. Sort of a kinetic chain workout. What I am always aware of is how tight my chest gets and how that can pull my shoulders forward….and destroy posture and setup. Always thinking fundamentals.

The Swiss Ball is something that I can do a gazillion things on and one of these days I’ll get some photos up of me doing some. One exercise that is simple to do is to lay on it and do “prayer stretches” like I do on the roller, or lay on your stomach with arms out in front and use light free weights to do reverse flys. Working the scaps on that one, right Mr. Ostrow? Think I should ask David to guest blog? Better yet, I should have David and my buddy Dr. Tim Chow team up with me for a podcast or live Twitter talk! Both these guys know the body from their clinical work as well as how the body works in the swing.

Lastly is my Power Swing Fan. I’ve had this for 10+ years and its great (for me) to use it for transition stuff. I have a tendency to get quick with my lead (left) shoulder at the top of my swing. The PSF allows me to feel what “working from the feet up” is like, much like the Orange Whip.

And I really do need to stay motivated to get to the gym consistently…..

Consistent practice and workouts through the winter can help you stay consistent, in shape and engaged with your game during these cold months. If you detest winter like I do, I find these activities help me focus of what spring will bring: real golf shots on real grass with real sunshine and real warmth. Stay sharp, players. And make it fun.



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