New sushi roll creation

Concocted a new sushi roll at home tonight. Salmon, cucumber, avacado, mango and fresh japeleno rings. The roll turned out very crisp and fresh, with a hint of smokiness from the japeleno. Also did another spicy tuna. A light Siracha sauce is all that’s needed for that. Yummy.

Full disclosure: third time was a charm with the sushi rice. I had to toss the first two batches due to stupidity in cooking time. Electric range tops drive me nuts. But I finally nailed it. The sushi-zu I made was very flavorful. And I finally got a bottle of sake…..which made a huge difference over using dry vermouth.

Enjoy the coming week.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Looks really flavorful!

    1. Thanks Sean. My pieces were topped off with just a drizzle of soy sauce and wasabi. Quite good!

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