Lag Putting: How you can lower scores!

Think of the last time you three-putted a green. I’m betting that your aim was somewhat close to the line you intended, right? Typically we can all be within two feet of our intended line (I hope). If not, wait for the next post on setup and alignment for putting. For now, lets focus on distance control.

That last three-putt? Did you run it by the hole or leave it short by five feet? Have the putter suddenly accelerate through impact (insert golf related Pee Wee Herman joke here)?

My point today relates back to my last golf post on “feel” drills to get a handle on your distance control, and that’s what is the cause of most three-putts….such a circular dimension of the argument, no? A little practice on the longer putts can really help turn your putting around and help lower your scores. Eliminate a few three-putts from your round and watch the scores come down. Who knows? You just might start making some long ones!

See my video below for a 60′ lag demonstration. First one caught the lip and went 5′ by the hole. Second one finished about 2′ right of the cup. Not bad on greens rolling 11 on the stimpmeter, much like Spinal Tap.

Thanks to Joey Poehl, PGA Professional at IVCC for assistance with the video.

Justin Rose: Beautiful lag at Dubai’s 18th. Courtesy of Devil Ball Golf and Yahoo Sports

Rick demonstrating a 60′ lag putt


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