Slide away from golf today….hello scallops!

I’m continuing on my cooking journey and went back to one of my favorite foods, but with a little twist: The Spicy Scallop.

Very simple to prepare and I think pretty healthy. I pan seared the scallops in just a touch of canola oil, then made a quick sauce. Plated it up with asparagus I baked in the oven with olive oil and sea salt/pepper (400 degrees for 10 min).

Sauce: Soy, rice wine vinegar, leeks, a little garlic, red pepper flakes and a touch of corn starch.

Scallops: Sear on each side for a few minutes to a nice golden color. My sea scallops took about 3-4 minutes each side.

I moved scallops out of pan and poured sauce in. Took 45 seconds or so for the sauce to reduce and thicken. I think I kept the sauce on jst a few seconds too long….got syrupy on me.

Anyone have suggestions on how I could have presented the meal better on the plate? Looks empty! But in the end, the dish had a great flavor, a nice buildup of heat and only took 20 minutes.




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