Learning from failure in the kitchen

I suffered through what I consider my first real “disaster” in my kitchen last week. I think most of the dishes I’m making have been healthy and simple in concept and turned out looking pretty good. But my adventure with croquettes last week went a bit sideways.

Instead of what the recipe pictures I found, my croquettes looked more like latkes. The flavor wasn’t there, even though it should have. I just sort of failed. So, learn and move forward right? It’s just a croquette after all!

The idea was for a mushroom, potato, leek and gruyere croquette. My mix in the food processor smelled really good. Cremini and button ‘shrooms and leeks with some thyme does make for a nice smell in the kitchen, especially once the mix is in the skillet. The potatoes were just boiled and mashed. Got everything together at the end and made pancakes, basically.

I knew I was in trouble when the ‘shroom mix was REALLY thin, even with the gruyere. Dd my best to dredge and bread…..

I also have trouble pan frying on an electric stove top. I thought this recipe had potential, but it fell short. I’m trying to figure out why.

Thoughts on pa frying effectively, vegetarian dishes and working with mushrooms? Right now, I’m contemplating over coffee….



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  1. trixfred30 says:

    Pan frying – has to be gas – I cant handle electric hobs and dont skimp on the oil. Also egg and breadcrumbs to keep whatever you are frying together!

    1. Maybe should have tried a double dredging? Can’t do anything about the electric though. Just need to find the heat balance. Thanks for the thoughts!

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