Golfers, do you use video for practice? Here’s a FO view of a 7 iron swing

How often do you incorporate video into your practice sessions or instruction? Since it’s winter now and practice sessions for me will probably be few and far between (weather dependent, obviously), I’ve been trying to get some video to see where I’ve come this season with changes I’ve written of before and to see where I want to go with the swing.

The range was empty and I was hitting it pretty solid and wanted to see what was going on. Having technology at my fingertips is always fun so I figured I’d capture a swing. The camera angle is a little funky, but one glaring issue I still have is a massive slide forward from the top. I’ve been feeling better with my transition, but there is still a ways to go with that.

I attended a three day “Teaching the Teacher” seminar in 2002 in Dallas, TX conducted by Hank Haney. Two things I remember from that are Hank saying, “Your brain is a really fast compensator” and “If you have 3 errors in your backswing, there better be the same 3 corrections coming back to the ball or you’re going to hit bad shots” or something to that effect. I watch my swing on tape and see some improvement, bit there are still too many “errors” going on. Over the years, I’ve learned to make do, and I play fairly well, bit it could be SO much better. Right?

So what’s the feeling on video? Good/bad/indifferent? I think video is important for me to get status updates. I don’t use it all the time or I’d drive myself batty. Watching my swing and breaking it down gives me ideas for sure, but at times can be a little frustrating. What works for you?

One man camera crew:



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