I probably will never know who it is, but the next person to view mindbodygolf, click on a link, read about golf swings or Anthony Bourdain’s duck press, you will be #500 to come visit.

Can I just say thank you for reading? Little did I know several months ago that I totally enjoy writing about golf and food and music…..but am amazed that anyone else would actually care enough or be interested enough to check it out.

I’ve found that while I feel a sense of trepidation each time I reach to touch “publish” when I’m ready, I’m totally committed to putting myself out there, warts and all, daring to be a little vulnerable. What’s the worst that can happen, right? And this, right now….I’m present and enjoying a moment while it pours down rain and blows 40mph and the trees do a crazy dance and make a racket. And I watch and listen from my storm couch, Dawkins snoring next to me.

500. That astounds me. Good night, all.



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