New Year, New Wok, New Food?

I have not been thinking “stir fry” at all simply due to having an electric range top and no wok. Tempura? Nope, impossible to keep the oil temperature consistent. Hot bottom, cool sides? Nope, my large skillets just get hot!

Well, I now have a cast iron, flat bottom wok and used it last night. I made a simple scallop and sweet chili stir fry. The bottom of the wok was quite hot. Seemed that the heat went up the sides of the wok well and was fairly even. It is big enough to do steaming if I choose (or tempura!). Overall, it is a nice piece of equipment that I’m sure I’ll be putting to good use.

Anybody have any crazy wok recipes they want to share?





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  1. I got a new wok for my birthday recently and can not wait to give it a test run! Gotta love those stir-frys….

    1. Looking forward to reading about what you concoct!

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