More Short Game Thoughts at the End of 2012

This morning, I played what I figure is my last nine holes of the year. A winter storm advisory goes into effect at 6am tomorrow morning. Yes, total bummer.

I finish my golf season as I began it back in late February…..trying to figure out my short game. Specifically, from 20 yards and in. I posted a bunker shot demonstration earlier (link below) and feel confident when executing a play from a bunker. When you put me 5 yards off the green on the second cut of rough or a shaved down collection area, that confidence drops a bit.

I’m not sure yet if it’s a technique thing or if I’m just sort of dense….could be ball position, balance or just a poor setup. Or I don’t believe in my ability to pull off a bump and run. For me, when you combine a lack of confidence and commitment in a shot plus bad technique, well…the result may not be what you envision, you know?

I shot an even par 36 this morning at Indian Valley Country Club and that’s encouraging because I hit a number of good shots and felt like I swung the clubs well. I hit 5/7 fairways and 7/9 greens in regulation. I made two solid 10-12 foot birdie putts after solid iron shots. The two greens I missed were not horrible, leaving me basic 5 yard chip shots that I made poor contact on the club face and left myself 10-15′ putts for par. Those are just momentum and round killers. I’m actually more comfortable playing out of a green side bunker.

Distance control seems to be the biggest issue for me. I’ve written before that I’m a fan of bump & run type shots around the green, taking “air” out of the equation. I use my SW a bit, but I’m also partial to my 8 iron. Depends upon the lie, what’s in front of me, distance to the hole, etc.

Believe me, I’m pleased with the even par score. Knowing the short game is holding me back a bit stokes the practice fire and I know with some dedication to developing better technique and touch/feel, my scores will go down and become more consistent.

Now though, I’ll tune into the PGA Tour start next week in Hawaii and dream of warmth, good greens and getting it up and down from off the collar with nothing but a tap in left.

Happy New Year, all. And good golf to you. Cheers.

Bunker shot from green side



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