Craig Finn is my new hero!

Craig Finn, frontman of the Hold Steady, guitar player in his own right, and overall cool performer, has blown me away.


Craig played a part (along with guitarist Tad Kubler) in the “SEE A LITTLE LIGHT: A Celebration of the Music and Legacy of Bob Mould at the Walt Disney Concert Hall” film that is coming out January 15. His vocal interpretation of three Bob classics so impressed me I feel compelled to tell the world. Thank you Craig for bringing a new take on songs that impacted me years ago and now do so again due to your voice and actions on stage. So cool, so vibrant, so resonant. You rock, man.

Craig and Tad do the following songs with Jon Wurster on drums and my favorite bass player, Jason Narducy:

“Real World”
“Good Idea”

“Good Idea” brings back great memories whenever I hear it because I used to cover this gem in Load, one of my old bands in State College. Shout out to G Conrad and Pilione, wherever you guys are!

Neat Clash interview with Bob and Craig


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