Foul weather golf?

I sort of can understand what the 30 PGA Tour guys are going through in Hawaii with the wind and rain delays. It’s tough playing in those conditions, especially when golf balls move on their own. I’ve played in some serious weather before, like 30 MPH wind and sideways rain at St Andrews. Here’s a little taste of what my friend Mike and I were experiencing. I do believe this is the 14th tee box. We were laughing so hard at the fact we were actually playing in this weather, at St. Andrews. We were certainly not giving up. We did play quickly though. And the caddy with us thought we were nuts. By the way, the Road Hole played hard, wind in our face. I hit driver (into the fairway), 3-metal to 100 yards and then 6I, and hit it solid. Made par. Craziness:


We made it in.

According to Google and PGA Tour records, the last time an official PGA Tour round was cancelled and considered “null & void” happened at the 2005 Players Championship. I admit, I tend to wonder at the Tour officials when a little rain and wind cause major issues……it’s golf, gear up and play, right? Well, after seeing the video footage of the first and second round at Kapalua, I understand. Crazy to watch balls just keep rolling on the putting green, flag sticks almost snapping and hurricane proof umbrellas being destroyed.

The Ritz-Carlton lobby bar indeed sounds like a great place to hang out whilst the PGA players wait to see if there actually WILL be a Tournament of Champions. I can think of worse places to be stuck waiting, though.

What’s the nastiest weather you’ve played through? We’re do you draw the line and decide the lounge or locker room is where you should be?

I typically carry waterproofs (pants/jacket/vest) and rain gloves. I don’t mind the rain gloves, they beat carrying a bunch of towels in the bag and having to go through a drying ritual on every shot.

Does foul weather discourage you or do you think “I don’t mind at all”?

Light dusting of snow overnight. 22 degrees out. I have hot coffee on the table next to me and a sleeping Labrador on the floor. My golf course is frozen….and closed. I’d love 55 degrees, some rain and heavy winds right now. I’m pretty sure I’d play….



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  1. aaronrbruce says:

    Some rain, wind, cold has never kept me off the course. To a certain extent I actually enjoy playing in foul conditions. For one, the course is normally deserted, and as I quick player I enjoy a round where I am not waiting for someone in front of me. Additionally, I have invested in good rain and cold weather gear, so I am able to make it through a round pretty comfortably when the weather turns bad.

    1. I agree with on not minding that much playing in poor conditions. If you have the mindset of “oh well, everyone is playing in it” and you accept it and play on, you’re ahead of the competition.

      Golf and the mental side of it is so cool. Poor weather conditions are sort of similar to drawing a bad lie in the middle of the fairway…..assess, accept, plan, execute, no?

      Thanks for the comment Aaron. I may be luck enough to play tomorrow. Forecast is for sun and a high near 50. It will just be VERY wet….

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