My pretty funny lack of core stability


A big focus for me fitness-wise right now is core stability and balance. My tendency to slide laterally from the top of my backswing (transition issues) should improve if I can increase strength and flexibility not only in my “core” area, but overall.

Rick trying really hard to stay stable…

Dr. Tim Chow and I were working out yesterday and he re-introduced me to two fairly tortuous, but beneficial physio ball exercises. This one involves laying on the ball (on your back), keeping your pelvis engaged and in a neutral position, then trying to extend one leg at a time. In doing so, you’re engaging the glutes, quads and hamstrings (among numerous other muscles I’m sure) of the opposite leg. As you will see in the video, my right side is stronger than my left…..

It’s amazing how difficult these were for me, but as the workout continued, I got better with them. It will be interesting to re-evaluate in a month. I find the whole concept of proprioception fascinating. The body really can quickly learn, if you focus and listen to it.

Comments from you golfers out there who give this type of exercise a go? I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of my labor in the spring.


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