Scallops with Basil & Wine


Didn’t really have a specific recipe in mind last night, just eight big sea scallops and a hankering for basil.

So a little bit of butter and a drizzle of olive oil to get things going in a hot pan. Add garlic and some diced hot red peppers for a minute or so.

Seared the scallops for a few minutes per side (nice golden color) and halfway through I put in some diced red onion for something different. Then I coarsely ripped up fresh basil and threw it in, stirred and tossed, then hit it with some white wine. Let it reduce for about 30 seconds.

Plated it up with wild rice and roasted corn. Easy prep meal and quick to cook. I liked this one.

1st PGA Tour event is in the books and Dustin Johnson just played like it was May. I liked how he followed a poor shot with a great swing. He never got frazzled. A very fun, likable young man to watch play. Dreaming of Hawaii. But, the scallops were good, and that made me think of Ocean City, NJ. And that’s a good thing, too.


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