Repost from WordPress: Will the Golf Industry Go Mobile in 2013?


I love Social Media. The reach the medium has is truly amazing. My website and blog reach people in Viet Nam, Denmark, and New Zealand, not to mention all over the U.S. And I simply write about golf, food and music.

First question Have you considered a mobile app for your golf facility? Full disclosure: I’m an independent rep for Appitise branded golf web applications. I encourage you to check out the Appitise website here. Appitise brings you a cost-effective, user friendly mobile solution where you can have a concise information hub for your facility, with a branded image, saved directly to your customer’s smart phone device, no app download required since it’s a web app.

Golf professionals, GM’s and club owners….how do you use Social Media? Do you use it at all? Do you understand it? You know what? If you don’t, that’s ok. There is so much information out there on so many different levels that a lot of the time it’s darn near impossible to filter out the noise. It’s about sales (greens fees, cart fees, pro shop revenue, F&B), but also about how you mix your marketing in for your facility. And mobile is where it’s headed. As the PGA likes to say, “plan your work, work your plan”.

ButI think it’s time the Golf Industry figured out ways to get more mobile, to improve the reach of the game and enhance its growth. It’s possible and it’s not “hard”, as long as you dedicate some time to it. Sort of like your short game.

The following statistics came from my favorite SM folks at MediaBistro and Brian Honigman at the Huffington Post

Blogs: 3 million NEW blogs come online each month. Are you blogging about your golf course, instruction?
Twitter: 69% of “follows” are recommended by friends. 175 MILLION tweets are sent every day. 56% of consumer tweets sent to companies are BEING IGNORED! And 50% of twitter uses access with a mobile device. That’s just the tip of the info.
Facebook: 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook.

Are you getting your share of business in your geographic location? How are you differentiating? Are you actively “listening” to your players? Where do you stand in your market?

I’m going to assume your facility has a website. You most likely have a Facebook page. And I’m going to stop there and figure that there isn’t any other Social Media interaction. Am I right? If you disagree, I want you to respond to this blog post, or email me at or drop me a message at and let your voice be heard.


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