January 13th golf AND a First Bolognese Sauce

It seems as though I’m n my normal Sunday morning spot on my couch, looking out the sliders to the woods, coffee in hand. The house is still quiet with the girls snuggled in bed with their Mom. My dog has been out and is back inside, on the warm tile, snoring peacefully. The fog is so thick this morning that I can’t see past the big Chestnut just past the driveway.

I’m hoping the fog burns off fairly quickly be because it’s already 47 degrees out, and I’m scheduled to play some golf in 45 minutes! I’ll take the opportunity to play whenever it comes along. It will be a wet, sloppy mess at IVCC, bit the ground has thawed, the greens are ok and it’s a fine day for walking 7 miles with 15 lbs of clubs on your back, right?

And I haven’t forgotten the video lesson suggestions: I need a cameraman! Hopefully this week for a punch 8 iron and a chip shot with spin.

Now for my first attempt at a Bolognese saucy last night. I’m not a huge sauce and pasta guy, but sometimes I get a hankering for something. Yesterday, it was beef. I was thinking burgers on the grill or maybe steaks, then the brain went to pasta and I thought, “What the hell, I’ll see if I can make sauce”. 20 minutes of Googling later, I had a combination of five Bolognese recipes and went to the market.

I found this so simple to throw together and it came out flavorful, warm and complimented a wild mushroom ravioli I got fresh at the store. Paired it with a salad. And that was that.

First in large pot:
Olive oil
2 strips bacon


Cooked that for about 8 minutes

Then added:

Cooked that down for another 5 minutes, then added:
1 lb lean ground beef
1 small bottle red wine


After cooking the beef, I added a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, parsley and basil, stirred it up, put it on simmer and let it cook together and reduce down into a very tasty sauce. I give myself a thumbs up on the deal. Maybe not totally “traditional” Italian, but pretty darned good!


The end result over the pasta was a good end to a busy Saturday. A petite Sirah came with dinner…



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  1. Leslie Jo says:

    Rick, I just love reading your blog posts. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself.

    1. Thanks Leslie Jo! Kind of you to say so. It’s always humbling to receive feedback on the blog.

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