Transitions, Part 2


Two hour school delay due to rain/sleet/ice. Temperatures going from 31 to 35 degrees. Rain now. The ice has melted off the trees. And I’m thinking of warm places, like Palm Springs where the PGA Tour is pulling into town. Or Abu Dhabi. Green grass, short sleeves, crisp wedges.

As the weather goes from ice to rain, so goes my transition into 2013, for real.

No golf today. Errands, phone calls, prep for the PGA Merchandise show next week. Setting up meetings, looking forward to connecting with old acquaintances and meeting some people I only know from Twitter or blog rolls. I haven’t been to the Show since 2003! The gym needs a visit. Planning a few more videos for YouTube when the weather clears. Perhaps I can find someone to handle the camera.

If I focus, I can smell freshly cut grass, see the sharp line of green and collar, envision a fairway striped by the mowers presenting a great target for a driver down the right side of #3. And I can feel the heat of the sun on my back as I walk down the fairway, my clubs making that beautiful sound as they lightly “clank” with each step.

Next week, I’m hoping to feel that sun on my back at the PGA Show Demo Day, at least for a few hours. If anyone is headed down, give me a heads up.


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