Appitise can help golf courses “unscramble” mobile needs


Golf courses: Did you know that 91% of adults online use social media regularly? Did you know that only 22% of businesses actually have a dedicated social media manager? Credit to MediaBistro & AllTwitter for the stat!

For PGA Members and golf course managers gearing up for the 2013 season, I have a suggestion when you consider your mobile marketing needs: Check out Appitise web applications.. Talk to us about how we can help unscramble your mobile needs. Appitise apps are web applications, meaning that the app can be viewed on ANY smart phone device. Stay in touch with your players about all the activities at your facility 24-7, all in one spot.

This is a user-friendly, cost effective way of creating a mobile solution for you to connect, engage and interact more with your players. PGA Professionals, we can create an app just for you, too. Look under the “Golf Pro” tab on the site. Use promo code RWP3016 to receive a special introductory price on your app.

The 2013 PGA Merchandise begins this Wednesday in Orlando, FL. I’ll be down there for 2 days checking things out, and one thing I’m making sure I do is talk to PGA Professionals and club managers/owners about their opinion and/or use of Social Media in the golf industry.

I’m always available through this blog, via Twitter @rickwilliamspga or email. Reach out, I’d love to discuss how we can help.


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