Golf vs. Mother Nature: She wins every time


I was not playing in Scotland on a majestic links course yesterday, but the conditions made it feel like I was, just a little. Mother Nature threw a wind beat down on us as we struggled through a difficult 18 holes. Not only does wind affect the golf ball in flight, club selection and overall strategy, wind will mess with you psychologically!

Hats off to you, Mother Nature. As always, you win and have my utmost respect. And I’ll think better of it next time I contemplate playing on a day like yesterday:

You may be wondering what kind of golf was it? Well, here’s a brief ode to my game yesterday:

Oh, it was 20 MPH+ wind golf
44 degrees feeling like 30 degrees golf
2-3 club difference on most holes golf
Winter gloves on and off as the sun shines on and off golf
165 yard carry PW golf
142 yard 24 degree hybrid absolutely flushed coming up short golf
Respecting the wind and playing a 40 yard baby draw approach shot into a green golf

Stand bags blowing over on every hole even from flat lies golf
Trying to hit a cut to hold into the breeze and not succeeding golf
Striking a solid driver with a draw to hold into the breeze and keep it low successfully golf
Having trouble keeping the ball on a tee golf
Same thing with marking a ball on the green golf
The wind actually moving the ball as it rolls towards the cup on a 4′ putt golf
Hitting a 3 metal tee shot 4″ fat and popping it up from getting caught in a nasty gust golf
Persevering after 9 straight bogeys to make some pars golf

Hitting a shot, strapping on your bag, putting your head down and walking face on into the wind golf
Not a lot of conversation with playing partners because its too loud from the wind to talk golf
The beautiful two respites when the wind almost stopped for a minute, warmth spread to my body, I could answer a question, feel my hands and swing normally without fear of blowing over golf.

Frustrating, exhausting, at times exhilarating golf. Today it’s 20 degrees outside and not supposed to warm up for a while, so really, I’m glad I got that round in yesterday. I made a solid par 4 on the 18th hole. I’ll be back for more. But Mother Nature wins, every time.


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