Golf Fitness at Planet Fitness, Diabetes Control + an Orange Whip


Planet Fitness is my home away from home now at least four days per week.. Working hard on getting strong and flexible in an overall way, but trying to stay fairly golf specific.

Cardio warmup then free weight and physio ball work. About a 45 minute to an hour or so. Good workout, I change it up each time as much as I can (yes, I tend to bore myself). It’s also good since I’m an insulin pump wearing diabetic. I’ve been able to keep my weight stable at 175lbs for almost a year. That’s after weighing in at 207lbs on Easter of 2011. Yikes, huh?

Definitely feel better. My golf swing has changed a bit, as has my putting stroke. Balance points moved. Flexibility got better and I don’t hurt as much. Walking 18 holes is MUCH easier. And my control of the diabetes is better. I still struggle at times with blood sugar control, as all long term diabetics I’m sure do, but the lows and highs are don’t happen nearly as much. I marked 36 years of dealing with diabetes back in November.

I’m still also using the Orange Whip Trainer every day. Once in the morning, once before dinner. Jim and his crew are awesome as I’ve written before.


Winter time right now in PA brings temps in the teens. No golf for me, but I’m going to be in good shape once the full season starts up in April. I should also be back in full status with the PGA of America, and that means I just might be back playing competitively in PGA Section events. For me, that’s a great motivator.

Are you staying “golf fit”?


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