Fun Google Results for “Why Does it Feel Like I’m Being Stabbed When I Sneeze?”

I’m still trying to figure out the “why” of why I feel still out of the loop a little bit from last Wednesday morning. Basically, I feel like I broke a rib and my brain doesn’t work quite right yet.


See, I woke up at 4:30am with my very concerned but totally together wife, two paramedics and a local cop staring at me and handing me orange juice, saying “you need to drink this”. I was in my bed, thoroughly confused but beginning to realize, “yup, my blood sugar must have gone a touch low”. Understatement, for sure.

Last time I woke up surrounded by medical personnel was in 1994, so I consider myself fairly fortunate. Diabetes is a weird enough condition to manage day to day. After 36 years, sometimes I take my fairly good health for granted. Sometimes, perhaps a wake up call is needed. Sometimes, it’s bizarre to know your brain totally frizzed out. And I think always, it sucks to know you worried the ones who love you.

The cool thing is that I just got word my insulin pump from 2000 (MiniMed) is out of warranty. The new pumps are way cool and come with continuous glucose monitoring. And guess what else? Alarm systems for when your blood sugar gets really stupid low! Nothing like getting a “DANGER WILL ROBINSON!” like message to let you know you’re about to totally konk.

My wife told me that for about 30 minutes I had my arms clenched around my body and I was fairly rigid. Not quite having a “seizure” but pretty close. She was able to finally get me alert enough to begin sucking down OJ. Unfortunately, I caused some serious damage to my chest/rib cage/spine musculature, hence the title of this post. I totally screwed myself up and am finding it hard to do much of anything! Certainly can’t swing a club. May be able to make a putting stroke……


Here is a good blog from the fitknitchick blog describing intercostal strains

Diabetics out there, take care of yourself and stay diligent with your control. I’m certainly checking my blood sugar A LOT more frequently, and I’m pretty good with it (4-6 times per day). For now, I’ll be setting an alarm at 2am to test, just to make sure.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Meredith, who knew what to do in a stressful situation, kept her cool and got me help. The love and caring is much appreciated!


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  1. Tamara Grand says:

    Thanks for linking to my post. I never realized when I strained my intercostals how serious and common the injury was! Hoping yours heals more quickly than mine did.

    Side note, my dad is a life long insulin dependent diabetic too and has been using the medi pump for about 3 years now. He has had the occasional night time episode too, but never complained about muscle strain.

    Be well!

    1. Hi Tamara,

      I totally related to your post, obviously. So far, I’ve been to my chiropractor twice (heat/stim/adjustments), one full massage (very helpful) and a few trips to the gym to do elliptical walking and light stretching, mostly on the physio ball. It’s crazy to think you can do something that seems so “tiny” that has such huge ramifications. The pain is truly extraordinary at times.

      Hope you’ve healed up well. If I had to play in the final round of the US Open tomorrow, I think I’d have to withdraw……and that means this is hurt. Hoping rest and the gentle rehab I’m doing does the trick. At least it’s 20 degrees with snow on the ground, meaning golf wasn’t happening anyway.

      Glad the pump is working well for your dad. I look forward to keeping up with your site.

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