Light Rehab & Short Game


Slowly working back to being able to take easy swings with the Orange Whip trainer. Ribs & chest still quite sore, but each day brings a little more motion. Chiropractic treatments with adjustments, heat, electric stim along with walking/elliptical at the gym, foam roller activity and light stretching.

The temperature outside may hit the mid-40’s today and that could bring some short game practice. Basically looking to get some putting practice in. Will be nice to roll a few, even if the greens are a bit rugged. Snow forecast for this evening, so the stops and starts in practice does present a challenge.


Golf fashion question: is a pair of trousers from Ian Poulter’s line worth paying £120 for? Guess it depends on your fashion sense and what your definition of “value” is. I figure if you get a few years of wear out of the trousers and look/feel good, it’s worth it. Can’t say that I’m looking for this type of style (I’m always fashion challenged), but I do enjoy and appreciate quality.

Fully engaged in my job seeking activities. Golf companies, give me a look-see.

Hopefully will have some feedback on my practice activities later. Taking thoughts and images of Brandt Snedeker’s rhythm with me, for sure.


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