Friend, Departed


My morning & evening routines are very different now. No longer will I start my day between 6-6:30 am by mentally saying “coffee is on, dog is out”. No longer will I hear the happy barking around 5pm indicating that yes, indeed….it’s dinner time.

No longer will Dawkins get oversized sticks from the woods and want to play fetch. And no longer will Dawkins be my constant companion in the summer months out on the property, barking at me to play, but settling for lounging under a tree as I work. She always knew that playtime wasn’t too far away.

No longer will Dawkins lay on my feet at night, after a final trip outside for water and a walk in the woods. Or a bark at an owl. Or puppy dreams and muffled “yips” on heated tile while I watch the Golf Channel.

Dawkins was our Chocolate Lab and we put her down on Monday. I never imagined it would be such a difficult experience, but grief is an odd thing. Each day will get better and life continues to spin forward. Life is for the living. And memories are a beautiful thing.

I told Dawkins as her soul drifted off to chase sticks. The smile on her face when she was in full run was pure joy. And she brought our family tons of joy over the past years.

This picture was in the room where we were with Dawkins on Monday. I thought it was a pretty cool thing to find:



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