FlightScope Quickie!

Over the years, I’ve probably taken 25 total lessons. I’ve never had a consistent teacher. I’ve taken bits and pieces from instruction and built my golf swing and motion around that information, and my own personal development from playing n the range and on the course.

Well, FlightScope and Eric Kennedy, PGA Professional (and Head Pro) at Overbrook GC blew my mind yesterday and it only took 90 minutes. Also took my brain 180 degrees from where i thought i “understood” the golf swing. Below is Eric’s indoor studio for instruction and FlightScope:



I have to say that FlightScope is the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced when it comes to learning and golf swing “science”! FlightScope uses Doppler radar technology to measure a silly amount of data pertaining to what the golf club and club face are doing to the golf ball at impact, as well as measuring other factors. What impressed me though was actually “seeing” for the first time what was happening at impact. It’s not called “the moment of truth” for nothing!

FlightScope info here:

Key takeaway for me, and trust me, I’m paraphrasing, but think I’m on the money is: The club face will pretty much determine the starting direction of the ball, and the ball will spin away from the direction the club is swinging (path). For example, I have a trend of having my club face “open” say 4 degrees and my path is swinging 1 degree to the left. That means my ball will start right of the target, and keep going a little right. Not good. Perhaps you’ve heard or read about the D-Plane and the “new ball flight laws”? Well, this is what is going on NOW in top notch instruction and fitting. Absolute data. Pure coolness.

Bottom line for me is that I need to get my club swinging to the right more and I need to square my club face more and match up the face/path relationship better. I’m doing that by fixing my setup and how I’m moving my body. Interestingly, Eric essentially left my “swing” alone. He’s good and I love his style.

Here’s a link to D-Plane stuff from Brian Manzella, PGA. If you have 40 minutes and want to try and wrap your brain around this stuff, it’s a good place to start!

I’m waiting on the data from the session on the 50+ shots I hit on FlightScope. What Eric showed me by interpreting the data collected, as well as his keen instructors eye, confirmed what I had thought was going on: A very poor transition move from the top of my backswing. Other things contribute to that move, as well, but the first move down with the front (left) shoulder, coupled at the same time with my right hip firing, makes me all kinds of stupid in my swing. Eric was able to explain, justify, demonstrate and make me “feel” what we were trying to do. Anyone want to guess what we worked on? I’ll explain more on the next post, but it was very cool. I love the tech side of things and love seeing numbers from FlightScope, but I’m also a player who needs to “feel” what’s going right (or wrong) and then find the “feel” of correcting it. Just great stuff. Can you tell I enjoyed the experience?

For the record, I hit the elusive “Quad Zeros” ONCE!


I came close a few other times. Bottom line is that a trend was established, a plan was hatched, corrections implemented and improvement was shown in the numbers. Now it’s up to me to keep improving, observing and understanding my ball flight and having the skill & knowledge to make intelligent corrections.

I will detail this out later, but I wanted to get the first shout out to Eric and his setup at Overbrook. What a cool PGA Pro, talented, empathetic, inquisitive & knowledgable teacher with a passion to help you play better golf. Great combination in my mind.


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  1. Rick

    I have never taken a lesson outside of the range. FlightScope sounds awesome. It is funny how the simple things make the biggest differences in our game.


    1. Jim, it’s such a cool thing! I love to experiment on the range, make little adjustments and tweaks to see what happens…..but to see what was really happening in my swing and at impact? Priceless science!

      I’m a dork when it comes to numbers and technology, it totally amazes me and can have me digging into ideas for a while, but I am a real “feel” player, too. So having the chance to combine the two was pretty special.

      If you have a place up there with FlightScope or Trackman, do it. It will change your outlook on what is going on with your swing and open up brand new learning opportunities.

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