Dedicated to the Grateful Golfer!

Friday, March 8 is bringing a bit of a surprise snow storm to the Philly PA metro area. I had plans for a brief practice session at the Indian Valley CC practice facility, but the weather had different plans. See below!

Today’s post is a shout out to Jim up in Canada who writes a cool golf blog. I know he’s got 3′ of snow he’s dealing with. He says five weeks until outdoor practice! Find the Grateful Golfer here:


Following ball flight in a snow storm has its challenges. PW down to the 7I I could follow the flight. After that, I couldn’t see the ball. So I went with a blue dry erase marker to at least track where on the club face I was making contact and went by “feel”. For example, hitting a few shots with the driver yielded zero visibility tracking it, but I was hitting it n the center, so I had that going for me. Here are two marks from my 8I. Just a hair into the heel, a touch high on the face. Straight shots though with decent trajectory:



When you practice, always look for some sort of feedback, whether its visible ball flight or marks on the club face, learn something. Stay curious, golfers!


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  1. Rick

    You Rock! Thanks for nice comments. I agree with our point about learning something when you practice. It is not just about hitting 50 balls so you can go play. By the way, I thought only Canadians golfed in the snow!


    1. There’s a little bit of crazy in every golfer, no? Oddly enough, as of 4pm today, the snow was gone! Lansing to play tomorrow at 8am, but it will be about 32F…..more layers.

      Do you have indoor ranges or anything like that up there?

  2. Leslie Jo says:

    The dry-erase marker is a great idea! I should try that in the snow, more for fun than anything else.

    1. Best thing, the marker wipes right off!

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