I’d Say Tiger is Playing Pretty Well….

76th win on the PGA TOUR. A few “off” years since 2009, some swing changes. Now, we get to witness perhaps the second coming of Tiger Woods. He looked like a cat playing with a ball of string this week at Trump Doral. Well played, Mr. Woods. The Masters should be interesting.

And Rory came back to throw down -10. Well done, young man. Class act, that Rory.


1st in birdies, 1st in putts per Green in Regulation (GIR), 2nd in putts per round. Even though he only hit 53% of his fairways, he still managed to hit 75% of his greens. Think putting matters, just a little?

BIRDIES 9 8 7 3 27 1
PARS 6 9 9 13 37 T64
BOGEYS 3 1 2 2 8 T42
DRIVING ACCURACY 50 64 43 57 53.6 T30
DRIVING DISTANCE 292.5 298.0 289.5 306.0 296.5 21
PUTTS PER ROUND 23 26 25 26 25.0 2
PUTTS PER GIR 1.462 1.467 1.500 1.700 1.520 1
GREENS IN REG 72 83 67 56 69.4 T7
SAND SAVES 100 0 75.0 T10


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  1. Rick

    It was a good win for Tiger. He looked very good. I enjoyed watching the next 5 players go up and down the leaderboard. Overall, it was a very good tournament to watch!


    1. Cool to see Rory play with class and precision over the weekend, too. 32 days to Augusta!

  2. Leslie Jo says:

    Anyone know what happened to Mike Weir? Also, if you haven’t read “Who’s Your Caddy” by Rick Reilly, it’s a hoot. So is his book “Sports From HELL.”

    1. You got me interested in Mike Weir again….nicely done. He’s made a whopping $27K this year & missed his last two cuts. Scheduled to play at Tampa Bay and Bay Hill.

      He has a nice website at http://www.mikeweir.com

      Looks like he’s not wine making & course design, too. Maybe that’s a true passion of his? Since he won the Masters in 2003 (I think), he hasn’t made much noise, but he’s also gone through some injuries.

      He comes across as a nice guy with a crafty game. Nothing but good wishes go to him. I always like watching a good lefty, anyway.

    2. And yes to reading “Who’s Your Caddy”, no to “Sports From Hell”, I’ll check that out.

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