Progression, Regression, Repeat the Swing….


It’s only been 3 weeks since my FlightScope meeting with Eric Kennedy, PGA at Overbrook GC. I wonder if the dreariness of March, the cold, wind and snow, makes time actually slow down? In any case, I’ve been getting a lot of practice in, whenever & wherever I can, hence the picture. Yes, last Saturday we made it through 12 holes in so-so weather, then the snow came down hard and made playing impossible. I had no yellow or orange golf balls…..

What have I learned? Once you get an expert eye (PGA Professional) to check things out, along with a Doppler radar launch monitor and get a pretty idea of what’s going on in the swing, you can map things out. The other thing I learned is that you can’t figure all this stuff out yourself. I developed a few habits in my swing over the past bunch of years that are proving a challenge to “in-do” if you will.

Golf certainly lifts you up, gives you a brief glimpse of clarity, then not so subtlety whomps you on the ass with a good dose of humility as you progress through changes. It’s crazy hard to try to make your body do something very different. That’s why I’ve been hitting balls at a covered range in the snow, playing when I can, short game practice when it’s 33 degrees out. Eric showed me a path with the information gathered from FlightScope and his knowledge if the swing & gave me ONE great thought and ONE swing thought. More than enough to keep my little brain curious and interested.

I will continue to show progress, jump over a hurdle every few days. And then I’ll hit a little funk as I plateau then I’ll crest a touch more. That’s the challenge, that’s the drive, that’s the fun of the game. I’m inspired & I’m engaged in chipping away more of the mystery that is my swing. Grateful to have the opportunity to explore.

Hit it good. Oh, and commit to the shot and trust. I’m doing that more often than not at the moment.



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  1. Rick

    Are you sure you are not Canadian? Your dedication to practice is inspiring! I see what you mean by yellow or orange golf balls.


    1. You’ll appreciate this…I lost a “one hole old” Pro V1 on #18 fairway in the snow. I’m going to try to find it tomorrow.

      91 in Orlando for Saturday. How nice would that feel?

      1. Rick

        Did you find your Pro V1? I have played in the snow…..gloves are required! We still have 3 feet of snow. Old man winter is mad at us this year.


      2. Nope, I think someone else got it after the melt the other day. I’ll post a pic of how I mark…it’s pretty distinctive!

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