How Can PGA/LPGA Golf Professionals Impact Revenue?


I’m seeking discussion with my post today. Here in the Philadelphia, PA metro area & the Northeast US in general, it’s still technically “winter”. Yet, most pro shops at golf courses are receiving their spring shipments of new equipment, shoes and apparel. With snow on the ground, cold weather keeping players off the course….what are you doing as the “expert” at your facility? How are you inspiring your members to get more involved, even though the weather isn’t cooperating?

What are you doing to get “feet in your door”? I’d love to hear what’s going on. I’d also enjoy the opportunity to discuss some best practices that may help you.

For a start, register for the Best Practice Vault here at RetailTribe. Hopefully it’s warmer where you are reading this, and perhaps you’re even getting to play some golf in “normal” conditions.


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  1. Rick

    I do not have a retail practice, but as a consumer I would be drawn to my local course if the pro was to put on a 30 minute clinic on putting. Can be done indoors. Additionally, since I was there, I would go into the pro shop and look at the new equipment and clothing. Likely, I would purchase something. Just a thought.


    1. Jim, thanks for the comment.

      Follow up: for you, is it the knowledge of the golf professional on putting that would draw you in, the fact that perhaps there is no charge or do you have a loyalty to that facility? If none of those, I’d love to know what would compel you to go. Consumer motivation!

      1. Rick

        Actually, I am not really loyal to a facility unless I establish some kind of connection with the store. I would be drawn in by the knowledge of the pro. Any opportunity I can get to learn from a professional, I will take and personally don’t mind paying for. The cost, I suggested free because it will draw the average golfer who generally will not spend money on lessons. Fundamentally, most consumers will feel that they would be getting a deal on equipment or apparel if free advice from a pro came with it. Hope this helps.


      2. Totally makes sense. Appreciate you sharing your motivations as a consumer. “Free” tips on the range or clinics from the Pro goes a long way in building that trust you speak of. Good stuff.

      3. Oh, issues with the app. I think I just lost my reply to you. In any case, “trust” is huge, as is reputation of the Pro or the store. Do the educate you, bring value to your experience, inspire you to get better, etc. good stuff, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I like Rick’s idea and I think it would motivate me as a consumer. I also think that if teaching professionals (and other staff) at practice ranges and courses could engage more online it would be valuable. Even simple updates (via their Facebook page or website/blog) on course conditions or the new equipment their seeing… or basic reflections on what the tour players are doing… could contribute to building (or nuturing) a connection with consumers and potential consumers.

    1. Patricia, thanks so much for your comment & I appreciate you checking the blog out. Welcome!

      When I think of the new Titleist 913 line of clubs or the new Pro V1 ball (yup, total Titleist guy), I really DO want to hear what my local pro thinks about it. I know when I was a PGA Professional, my opinion mattered to my members and I certainly knew I needed to be aware/familiar with technology changes, benefits, etc.

      Consumer trust & confidence in their golf professional is a huge part of the buying process in my opinion. The golf professional needs to be going way above and beyond expectations of the consumer to differentiate themselves in a crowded space.

      So golfers, do you trust your golf professionals?

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