Follow Up Observations from PGA Pro Perspective


I spent 11 years working as a PGA Professional at golf courses, eight of them as the Head Professional. During that time, I folded lots of shirts, stocked a lot of shoes and collected countless greens fees. Also sold hotdogs, Gatorade, picked the range and spent hours over reports in my office, away from the players.

Can you guess where I was most productive and generated the most revenue for my facility? It wasn’t folding shirts or trying to find $2000 for new range balls, not to say that stuff isn’t important.

But where I made an impact was on my lesson tee, at my short game area and on my putting green, inspiring players with education about club fitting, looking at putting strokes or giving seminars on the importance of wedge fittings for distance gaps. My lesson tee was always busy with students, the range active with swings and discussion. Engaging with the opportunities players presented. Providing value and education while producing revenue. Converting, then retaining loyal customers.

The point is that I actively engaged with my players, inspired them to play more golf by playing it better through instruction, then enjoying it more! Golfers want to ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING. And I learned along with them. We play a game we love. We should always remember to have fun doing it. As a PGA Professional, growing the game, inspiring people to play more AND play better and being the perceived “expert” of the game is not a role to be taken lightly.

Wy don’t more PGA/LPGA Professionals actively “tell” people they teach and what they charge? I typically don’t see any signs in Pro Shops or online that say “I TEACH HERE!” That, I don’t get.

Thoughts, anyone?



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