To Mom, I Love You, from Your Son


Some background on my Mom so you can understand this post in a fuller context. My Mom was a nurse in my hometown for 35 years. This had many advantages ranging from her knowing how to care for me and my two older sisters when were were sick, having access to good medical care, an office to go to when child care was needed….not sure how many “sick days” were spent at her office, but there were plenty. My Mom just has always taken care of people and has one of the biggest hearts I know. Empathy is a strong part of her core. Loving her kids and wanting the best for them is still evident today.

A downside to my Mom being a nurse in my hometown was that SHE KNEW EVERYBODY!. For the most part, this kept us kids in check. Getting into trouble was not a great option, you know?

The reason for this post today though is to acknowledge my Mom for a “random act of kindness” she exhibited just before my birthday. I posted a while back about my new insulin pump. I was just a little kid when I was diagnosed as diabetic and for 37 years she has always been involved in my care, worried for my health as a Mom will be and interested in new treatments for the condition. She was thrilled when I first started using the insulin pump in 2000. Since then, my control of my condition has been pretty good. When the new pump and continuous glucose monitoring system with MiniMed came to my house in February, she was so stoked for me.

And then she really surprised me by telling me she was “taking care of it” for my birthday. Mom gave me the gift of a new insulin pump and the gift of better control. I don’t think I could have asked for anything more.

So Mom, I hope you don’t mind me putting this out for the world (or my little bloggy section of it) to read about, but I wanted to recognize your gesture as a beautiful act of love. I hope I can give our girls that much through my life. You truly blew me away and I want you to know how much I appreciate not just the insulin pump and gift, but how much I appreciate you being my Mom.

I love you. Happy Easter,



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  1. Rick

    Your Mom sounds incredible! Happy Easter!


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