TIL My Knee Caps are in the Wrong Place


Is it weird I thought it was cool when my orthopedist told me my knee caps were “all wrong”? Turns out my IT bands and hips are so tight, combined with glute & inner thigh weakness, that my knee caps have moved several millimeters to the outside of each knee. Evidently, that’s not good. I’ll agree, considering the amount of pain I have in the left one.

Also got two cortisone shots in my knee as depicted above. One in the side (medial) and one in the front. 3 weeks ago the pain started and just has not gone away. X-rays show some degeneration of the joint. So what to do?


Rehab starts late Wednesday afternoon. Need to gain flexibility and gain strength. Amazing what the body can do when it’s screwy.

Have to say, the cortisone injections worked well. The knee is quite stiff, bit I can walk pretty normally and may be able to resume light swinging (chip/pitch shots) on Thursday. Time to work.


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  1. davidostrow says:

    Hey Rick. I think if you look at the recent research on this you will find that this all traces back to biomechanically weak glutes. Basically when the glutes get weak it allows the femur to tilt and rotation inward, leading to lateral tightness at the knee and in the it band. The problem is not the knee or the IT band and based on the current research treating them is an exercise in futility. Deal with the hips and the problem will magically go away in just a few weeks. If you go to http://fitgolf.com/re-education-and-stability/ and look at the hip bias exercises you will see the solution…begin with non-weight bearing. Do one minute holds of each exercise, and repeat 3-5 times each. If you do this right, tomorrow morning it will feel like someone shot you in the butt. Persist…in a few days that will clear, and you will be on your way to healthy knees.


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  2. Rick

    That is interesting. I do not have knee problems, but it does bring up an interesting aspect of the human body. Just because something is sore, does not mean it is the problem. I will have to keep that in mind as I go kicking and fighting through my 50s.


  3. Did you knees become that way from playing golf? I think people really do get serious injuries from playing a lot of golf. The strain and torque put on different parts of your body is more than most people realize. Hope your surgery goes well. Check out my blog at http://dimpledsphere.wordpress.com/

    1. Well, 35 years of playing the game probably haven’t helped the knees…and I’m not 22 anymore, either! Really, I don’t think the cause is definable. 37 years of being diabetic, driving 158,000 miles over the past five years for work, lots and lots of golf swings, not keeping myself strong or flexible enough….all contributing factors, I’m sure.

      No surgery, thankfully. Cortisone shots a week ago, lots of exercises and stretching, treatment at my chiropractor, etc. Hopefully I can get to the point where the pain goes away and I can play fairly well without worry about pain/injury, you know?

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Much appreciated!

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