Re-invent in 2013? Growing the Game…


The golf industry, like any business, thrives on innovation and differentiation. My question today for the PGA/LPGA community is this: What are you doing in 2013 to make a difference? What’s your “value proposition” to your members, students or public? Why do you “exist” in your pro shop, on your lesson tee?

The PGA of America is very vocal this year about Golf 2.0 & Growing the Game. The goals are vital to the growth of our industry. The question I heard asked at the Philadelphia Section/PGA Spring Meeting this week was, “What are you doing to re-invent yourself in 2013?”

As a PGA Member, I’m very passionate about doing my part in growing the game. I have two young girls who have some interest and I feel like it’s a huge privilege to have the chance to foster a love for the game. In my role as a sales guy for RetailTribe, I get to speak with Members every day about the impact they CAN have to grow the game, to be recognized as the “expert” of the game in their community and realize amazing growth in their business. Here’s a great example of one PGA Member who is blowing his numbers out of the water VERY early in the season. And yes, he is a RetailTribe client. You’ll find I’m pretty up front with things…

Think about how you are going to make yourself “different” this year and make an impact at your facility. The growth of the game is in your hands. I’d love to help you reach your goals.


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  1. Rick

    I love the way you are marketing the game. I for won check websites first before I purchase anything. Your approach is definitely the way ahead. I am sure you thought of social meida as well!


    1. Jim, I hope one day if the stars align, we have the chance to play a round of golf together. Appreciate the conversations we have here and on your blog. So golfers, if you haven’t yet, visit Jim at

      I am doing my best to learn something new every day. And re-acclimate myself to the golf industry. It has changed a good deal since I was working in 2005.

      1. Rick

        I would be grateful for that opportunity as well! I would have to pick your brain on a couple things.


  2. Rick

    I came across this program used by another teaching pro who has put together several different products to make a detailed analysis tool for giving lessons. He also is starting a data base online so the amateur can to check out what advice the pro has told them during lessons. He said he was willing to share. Might be work checking out:


    1. Hi Jim,

      Thanks for sending the link. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but sounds cool. Travel this week has curtailed my online activity!

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